Bodyguards, builders and professional footballers sell their strength, skill and fitness. Writers sell the inside of their heads. I am a combination of the two – I sell my body, my skills and my mind. But just because my vagina is involved instead of my biceps, I am supposed to be a social outcast. Screw you. So to speak. People do not look down on professional athletes. In fact, they are revered the world over. The FIFA World Cup is taking place in Russia this summer and the players will be worshipped as Gods by their supporters in their home countries. In the United States, the star footballers, baseball players and basketball players are treated with the awe and respect that is hard for those of us living elsewhere in the world to understand.

The only difference between a professional football player and a high class escort such as me as far as I am concerned? They only play with one ball at a time while I play with two or more. I train to keep my body in shape. I work on my skills – conversation, charm, style and also my bedroom skills. And American legislators and law enforcement, being the most egomaniacal and evil in the world, want to enforce their bullshit morals and ethics on everyone else. So a Barcelona escort can find herself as under siege as a working girl in New York or Los Angeles. Which sucks.

In the same United States that worships men who sell their time and their bodies to perform feats of athleticism during a career that lasts ten to fifteen years, women who do the same are treated as demons to be shunned and punished. Basketball players are heroes. Escort girls are evil scum. It is a perverse and bizarre situation that I really do not understand. That is not quite right. Intellectually I understand how it works, but emotionally I can not understand how or why anyone would want to not just make that distinction but to punish women for being women and celebrate men for being men. Maybe that is it, just plain vicious misogynistic old American men being plain vicious misogynistic old American men.


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