Here is the thing – professional high class escort girls are still girls. Well, women really. Being a sex worker who provides the joys of financially procured affection is their job. It does not trump their gender, sexuality and identity. Most of them are heterosexual, some are gay. Some are married, most are not. Some have children, most do not. Basically, they are women first and high class call girls second. All of which is to say that call girls vary as much as all women do. Some escorts keep their professional distance during their encounters with clients, relying on their horizontal acting skills to convince of their pleasure. Others really engage and get off on the sex and the attention. You know, women are not all the same.

But to answer the headline question in a different way, is it possible for a client to make sure that an escort girl fancies him? No. Can he stack the odds in his favour so that the sex he is having is with a woman who is really engaged and enjoying it? Absolutely. First, make the Madrid escort feel safe and get the money thing out of the way as soon as possible. Relax together and have a chat. And like before any date, take care of your personal hygiene. In fact, why not start with a shower together? Never a bad start to any bedroom time with a woman. Basically, make the escort woman feel like she is respected as a woman, not just as a disposable object. That should take you a long way.

But every woman has their tastes and hot spots. Some women like their men hard young and fit – with tight bodies and six packs. Others like experience and maturity and are not that concerned about physique. It is hard to predict. Some women like their sex rough, fast and hard. Others want it soft and slow. I guess that is the real secret to stacking the odds of making your escort girl actually find you attractive – focus on her and what she wants rather than just on yourself. Oh, and for goodness sake forget the idea of “saving” her. She is not drowning or involved in a car crash. She does not need saving and you are not her saviour. Just make her feel special.


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