My name is Lucy and I work as an escort in Marbella and Malaga. Unlike a lot of girls in my profession, I do not do a lot of touring. I go on holiday a couple of times a year – normally to somewhere cold to get away from the three hundred days of sumshine on the Costa del Sol – but I do not work as an escort girl anywhere other than Marbella and Malaga. It just suits me better. Marbella is not a big town, it has only about a hundred thousand people resident, but during the summer that grows to nearly three hundred thousand at any time. Malaga has over three hundred thousand residents and an extra hundred thousand or so tourists at any time of the year – development is booming now and there are also lots of cruise ships visiting.
escort girl in black cut away one piece swimsuit

The reason I like Marbella so much for my work as an escort is that the business is there for me all year round. In the summer it is the jet set, would be jet set, celebrities and wannabe celebrities as well as normal people just getting some guaranteed sun. In the winter it is residents, golfers and most recently lots of business people. Which is great for girls working as escorts. The whole Malaga and Marbella area is having lots of money poured in to building of luxury hotels, apartments and villas after the Emirates started to pour money in. So now there are lots of well heeled gentlemen who spend their days in meetings taking big decisions and the evening with me relieving their stresses.
Yes, there are fewer people around in the winter, but there are also fewer working girls as well. They all pile in during May and take over the bars and cheap apartments and get in touch with the main escort agencies and brothels. But, because I am here all year and have proved that I am reliable and good with clients, I still get the majority of the work available. Of course, I make sure that I am always in great shape and have up to date photographs, which, to be honest, also gives me an edge over a lot of the girls who arrive during the summer.


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