What Makes A Successful Escort?

Ah the age old question! What makes an escort successful is, without meaning to be, a really complicated question, as we first have to define success in this context. Success in getting the most clients? Success in getting the best (richest or most famous clients)? Success in getting the best clients (those who are easy to deal with and tip well) Success in staying with clients for a long time? (adding hour after hour on to the original booking) Success in staying with clients for a long time? (securing overnight and long bookings from new clients sight unseen). You see what I mean? It is not as simple as it sounds in the first place. But I think I can actually answer the question by giving you three broad groups. But before I get into it, the basic answer is actually fairly simple. The most successful escorts are the ones who use their brains and personality as well as their bodies and beauty. But let me break it down a little.

The first group includes the world class beauties. Vogue models, runway models, fitness models, glamour models, actresses. You would be surprised how many well known women started their career as modelswho are also escorts. It is a bit of a cliché and it goes all the way back to the first moment women were allowed on the stage. But it is none the less true. If you are making money from your
model escort in black lace and chiffon panties leaning into car
body and beauty already, it is only a small (but huge) step to become an escort. And it is they who attract massive fees. And no, I am NOT naming names.

The second group are women who look fantastic on their web profiles and in their selfies. They tend to be in their early to mid twenties and guys book them just based on the fact that look amazing. That is their initial selling point. They do not earn the enormous fees of the model/actresses, but they go out at high rates for an hour. The smart ones limit their availability and will only accept extended bookings of twelve hours and up. The ones who also bring brains, charm, personalities to the game will also earn lots of money from extensions to their already long bookings. And they do not extend by the hour.

The last group are the women who might not be as photogenic as their colleagues, or are perhaps a little older. But once they meet a client, that client keeps extending and extending. There is one lady I know who averages six hours of paid time from clients who book for a single hour. She does that by – and I am being a little simplistic here – falling in love with the client and demoinstrating it. Every client is her ideal man. She finds one thing that she can adore about every client and builds from that. She makes a point of complimenting them and is very enthusiastic in bed.

So that is it – in very simple terms, of course. You either need amazing genetics and a lot of luck, or great skill and a lot of luck. But you get the idea.


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