A Whipping Good Night

The rest of the evening was uneventful compared to what had gone before. A couple of fracas that the security team sorted out and Mistress Lauren delivered an amazing show with a bright red bull whip. She snuffed out candles, cut playing cards and all the usual stuff. But she also beat the crap out one of her naked and well built male professional submissives. He was strapped to a St Andrews cross during the performance in front of the whole crowd, most of whom were naked themselves. It seemed erections were de rigeur. The submissive also sported a massive erection throughout his beating and at one point asked Mistress Lauren if he was allowed to cum. She refused until the very last crescendo of her performance. And when he did it was quite a show in itself. He was obviously going to need some fluids when he got back stage. She wielded the eight foot whip with dramatic expertise. She was obviously way beyond accomplished. It flicked, twirled, whirled and darted. It was hard to keep my eyes on the audience with the constant movement in my peripheral vision, but both she and I managed our job well enough.

During our time together that night, Lauren and I had a very pleasant and civilised chat. Nothing about her business or mine. I had the distinct feeling that she was as happy not the be asked the usual question about she got into her profession as I was not to have to do the same. We talked about everything else; business, movies, books, history, art. One thing she did explain was how her business was just like any other, except that the product she was working with – escort girls and courtesans – had mood swings, good and bad days and could always refuse to work. Interestingly she did not include herself into that. I pointed it out.

“I am the boss of my firm, and I am The Mistress. I do not have good days or bad days. I have days. I am always expected to perform and deliver. For my sex clients I am always able to sort their desires. And for my kink clients, my job is to deliver what they need, no matter what it is that they need. No matter even if they do not know their needs themselves. No good days, no bad days. I am always on and expected to be perfect. Pretty much like you, I guess. If you have to catch a person or even a bullet, clients will not care whether you are in a good mood or have a head cold.”


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